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GotoMyCamera is a fully-hosted solution to manage your network cameras and to store video of events.

  No specific equipment like a gateway or dedicated PC is required. The only equipment needed are the network cameras and a broadband Internet connection.
At this time the only camera supported are Axis Network cameras.
Analog cameras and other network cameras are supported through the Eptascape video analytics Detection System.
If you have one or more Axis cameras connected to the Internet, you can use the service right away.
How does it work?
  The service takes advantage of the motion detection feature of the cameras and the ability to upload video of a motion detected event to a server over the Internet. When used with the Eptascape video analytics system, video of detected behaviors is uploaded to the server automatically.
This way only relevant video is stored and even using a regular DSL or Cable broadband connection is possible to send to the server several minutes of relevant video for each event.
User Access
  Cameras and stored video are protected by passwords and from unauthorized access. Only authorized users can access the GotoMyCamera service and only the account owner can grant or revoke access to other users.
Configuration of the cameras can only be done by the owner of the account.
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